The System of Education at TNSSC

High quality English medium education, blended with technology in a proper e-learning environment is imparted in TNSSC. Matric & Intermediate stream of education is the mainstay. We are registered with Federal Board of Intermediate  & Secondary Education. Whereas, for IGCSE & A-Level education with Cambridge University Board UK. Robotics, IT, AI, German Language, compulsory sports along with Social Skill & leadership training  commence from Class One onwards.

We provide an excellent platform, for our highly talented young generation, with conducive & advanced skill-based learning environment. This is to nurture their understanding of concepts, analytical and creative thinking so as to prepare them explore their true potential. Such solid educational foundation with blend of hard & soft skills, we enrich their knowledge combined with self-confidence to give them a world’s best institutions in the West, can hone their abilities and achieve their ambitions with pride and honour.

The Syllabus and Content

The syllabus and content have been very meticulously structured for mission oriented education for our brilliant Nobelians. The excellent blend of strong foundation with conceptual clarity, primary focus on  high achievement in academics blended with technology friendliness and leadership training to help nurture highly capable and self confident personalities. The daily schooling commences with Quranic class, whereas social skills, etiquette and sports are duly embedded and emphasised.

Professional Development

Through continuous R&D and teacher training workshops by well qualified experts & Cambridge team. We ensure regular Professional Development of our faculty. As outcome, our teachers are equipped with latest trends in teaching skills.

German Language

German Language is taught in TNSSC from Class-1 onwards. A very progressive syllabus is structured for each class ensuring that we do not overburden our students. At Matric level, we get our students qualified from NUML through their external  examination at University level. It is through language  skills, we channelize the focus of our talented students for higher professional education at distinctive foreign institutions at very economical cost. German language is the national language at Germany, Austria and Swtizerland. In Germany itself, there is no tuition fee for higher professional studies. Being the largest European economy, Germany has huge opportunities for our young, talented and very well groomed Nobeliens, both in higher professional studies and in their job market.

Teaching Methodology

The mode of education of TNSSC is quite different from other educational institutions.
We rely mainly on skills based hands on learning approach in IT, Robotics & AI environment. Nobelians are regularly put through following facilities.

  • Montessori Lab

  • Computer Lab

  • Biology Lab

  • Sports & Athletics

  • STEM Lab

  • Physics Lab

  • Interactive Board

  • Guest Speakers

  • Math Lab

  • Chemistry Lab

  • Public Speaking

  • Study Tours

Quality Enhancement & Examination Cell (QEEC)

To maintain high standard of education, a strong QEEC is very important. In TNSSC, we have dedicated team of very competent senior faculty in QEEC. The team remains focused on timely completion of syllabus, adherence to academic calendar, quality of internal exams and thorough preparations for final exams. QEEC continuously monitor and analysis the areas requiring more focus and improvement.

Examination Methodology

  • In order to provide conducive and stress free learning environment and to nurture the creative thinking or our very young Nobelians. There is no concept of exams in Montessori classes. It’s only the regular guidance and assessments by faculty in early years classes.
  • At Junior and Middle level, the internal exam is held at the end of both the academic terms.
  • From Class-9 onwards, the Federal Board Examinations are held as per their given schedule.

Counselling Cell for Study Abroad

TNSSC has a vibrant team of experts, which guides & helps our brilliant Nobelians at College level, in preparation & processing their applications for studies abroad, with least financial burden on parents.

Health & Physical Fitness

“ Healthy body has healthy mind. ”
At TNSSC we pay particular attention to health state of our Nobelians. Physical fitness and regular health inspection of our students by qualified and experienced medical team on the panel of TNSSC is of signficance.

Compulsory Sports

Every Nobalian has to participate in at least one sport or athletics. This activity helps in great way to develop team sprit and hones social skills in personality development. Therefore One sports day in every week is observed for this important aspect.