Our Core Competencies

Strong Foundation through High-end Montessori

Montessori education provides unique real time environment to our children to work together practically, reflect, focus and discover their hidden potential. They identify their own strengths and difficulties.

It is through high supportive environment they are encouraged to work on things which are not easy for them. They have great freedom in class to
engage very wisely and calmly in productive and meaningful activities.Learning through fun is a best way a child unfolds and reaches the potential every child has. Montessori guarantees a strong foundation for the child to grow confidently in highly competitive world.

Montessori Education Helps Personality Development

  • Provides supportive environment for learning through fun
  • Real time, practical, safe and engaging environment
  • Identifies their strength and difficulties
  • Engages children in productive and meaningful activities
  • Develops positive thinking
  • Nurtures focused and peaceful personalities
  • Promotes analytical and creative thinking
  • Guarantees strong foundation in child’s personality building
  • Prepares well our child to compete in challenging modern world


STEM Based Education

It is the era of science and technology. Realizing its significance at global level, we at our campus, along with other conventional subjects in our curriculum, lay maximum emphasis on the clarity in understanding of basic concepts in the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics i.e STEM.
Even today in USA and West, those foreign students who pursue their higher professional studies in STEM subjects, atier completion of their studies, are especially encouraged, incentivized and facilitated to stay on and get excellent jobs and make positive contributions in those countries.

Personality Development

It is the organised pattern of behavior and attitudes that makes a person distinctive. We carry out grooming of our students through sensitizing them about their behavior, socially and professionally during formal and informal situations, helping them in development of balanced social mix and positive attitude in life.
At TNSS we carry it out through emphasis on dressing, eating habits, proper coaching of manners, public speaking, sports, motivational talks by guest speakers and study tours to the institution of professional and civic importance in order to help grooming the capable and confident personalities.