Quaid’s Thoughts on Education

“Education is a matter of life and death to our nation”

“Without ‘excellent education’ you will be left behind and virtually, may be wiped out altogether.”
(Quaid e Azam M.A. Jinnah)

Major General
Najam -ul- Hasan, HI (M) (R)


” Experience Excellence”


I can do it !

Our Objectives

  1. Excellent performance in academics
  2. Best communication skills
  3. Cultured & socially well-adjusted
  4. Elegant Personalty
  5. Good at Sports & Extra-curricular
  6. Confident & Upright
  7. A Good Leader


To provide a blended, holistic and skill-based education to our talented future leaders for innovative progression.

Our Values

  1. Respect & Kindness
  2. Empathy & Loyalty
  3. Compassion & Care
  4. Integrity & Courage
  5. Hard-work & perseverance
  6. Positive Attitude
  7. Self-discipline & Responsibility

Why Nobel as Name of TNSSC

The name of school has been chosen after due diligence. Our young Nobelians of TNSSC will be well educated groomed and motivated to always strive for positions of par excellence in their academic and professional pursuits and develop highly confident personalities in their social life.

Logo of TNSSC: Young Flying Eagle  is the logo of our Schools & Colleges. It is the sign of elegance and power. Eagle is king of all the birds, Strongest and Visionary. It flies the highest and grabs its prey with agility. We believe in times to come, the significance of excellence in education will continue to dominate the world. Our young Nobelians while going for higher professional studies in most advanced world institutions in the West, have to keep this aspect always in their minds. They have to fly very high while being strongest and visionary like Eagle amongst their contemporaries.

Motto of TNSSC: “I can do it!” With Nobel as name, blended, holistic education as our core competency, we polish and develop our young Nobelians into confident future leaders in enabling environment of par excellence. Like young strong Eagles they are equipped to continuously stay at highest level among their contemporaries in their practical life.

“ I can do it! ”